C-24.2, r. 34 - Regulation respecting licences

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32.2. To be granted the exemption referred to in section 91.3 of the Highway Safety Code (chapter C-24.2), a person must apply for a licence within 12 months of the person’s settlement in Canada.
On the same conditions as those provided for in the first paragraph, a person is also exempted from the obligation to have successfully completed the theoretical and practical parts of the driving course appropriate for driving the vehicle covered by the class of licence applied for, to obtain a probationary licence or a class 5 driver’s licence.
A person who settled in Canada before 28 October 2008 must apply for a licence within 12 months following that date.
O.C. 922-2008, s. 24; O.C. 1311-2009, s. 7.