C-24.2, r. 31 - Vehicle Load and Size Limits Regulation

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37.2. (Revoked).
O.C. 1412-98, s. 23; O.C. 24-2013, s. 18.
37.2. Up to 31 December 1999, where the load of a road vehicle or a combination of road vehicles is raw timber, within the meaning of section 16, carried from the felling site to a primary processing plant, the maximums covered by the first paragraph of section 20 shall be increased by 2,000 kg for class A.2, 4,000 kg for classes A.12, A.13, A.60, A.61, A.64 and A.65, 3,750 kg for classes A.24 and A.25, 3,000 kg for classes A.42 to A.45, 13,000 kg for classes A.46, A.47, A.56 and A.57, 14,000 kg for classes A.48 and A.49, 6,000 kg for classes A.50, A.51, A.62 and A.63, 8,000 kg for classes A.52 and A.53 and 10,000 kg for classes A.54 and A.55.
O.C. 1412-98, s. 23.