C-24.2, r. 31 - Vehicle Load and Size Limits Regulation

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34. (Revoked).
O.C. 1299-91, s. 34; O.C. 1412-98, s. 20; O.C. 24-2013, s. 16.
34. Up to 31 December 1999, the maximum dimension of any semi-trailer of a model year prior to 1992 shall be:
(1)  15.5 m for those where the distance between the centre of the king pin of the coupling device and the centre of the rear axle is 13 m or less;
(2)  14.65 m in all other cases.
The dimensions prescribed by the first paragraph do not include auxiliary equipment located in front of the semi-trailer, provided they do not increase the load volume of the road vehicle.
O.C. 1299-91, s. 34; O.C. 1412-98, s. 20.