C-24.2, r. 29 - Regulation respecting road vehicle registration

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90.7. In the case of the sale of a used motor vehicle, the value used for calculating the additional duty payable to obtain registration of the vehicle and the right to operate it shall be the highest amount of the sale price declared by the owner or the average wholesale price, which shall be reduced by $500. Where the characteristics of the model to which the vehicle belongs do not appear in the guides referred to in section 90.2, the value used shall be the one indicated on the owner’s insurance policy. The owner shall provide a copy of that policy to the Société upon registration.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, where the vehicle belongs to a model that does not appear in those guides and that was sold during the previous calendar year or the year of the model year, the value used shall be the amount entered on the sales contract entered into between the dealer and the first owner, from which is subtracted the depreciation obtained by multiplying 2.5% of the amount entered on the contract by the number of months passed from the date of the sale to the registration date. The owner of the vehicle must provide a copy of the contract to the Société upon registration.
O.C. 55-98, s. 20.