C-24.2, r. 28 - Regulation respecting the hours of driving and rest of heavy vehicle drivers

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34.1. A peace officer may request that a driver, pursuant to section 519.10 of the Highway Safety Code (chapter C-24.2), make available or forward to the peace officer, in their existing format, the driver’s records of duty status for the current day and the 14 preceding days, the supporting documents for the current trip and, if applicable, a copy of the permit issued under Chapter III.
To make a technology-based document available, the driver shall produce either a display or a printout of the document. To forward such a document, the driver shall send it by e-mail or, if the document is produced using an electronic logging device, by the technological means and in the form determined by the peace officer from among those prescribed in the Technical Standard and supported by the electronic logging device.
A driver unable to forward technology-based records of duty status shall enter the information they contain on records of duty status in paper form.
O.C. 77-2023, s. 20.