C-24.2, r. 28 - Regulation respecting the hours of driving and rest of heavy vehicle drivers

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2. For the purposes of this Regulation,
“duty status” means, in respect of a driver, any of the following periods:
(a)  hours of rest, other than time spent in a sleeper berth;
(b)  hours of rest spent in a sleeper berth;
(c)  hours of driving;
(d)  hours of service, other than hours of driving; (activité)
“establishment” means the place designated by the operator as the place where daily logs, supporting documents and other records required by this Regulation are kept; (établissement)
“sleeper berth” means an area of a heavy vehicle that meets the requirements of Schedule I; (compartiment couchette)
“work shift” means the time between 2 periods of at least 8 consecutive hours of rest. (poste de travail)
O.C. 367-2007, s. 2.