C-24.2, r. 24 - Regulation respecting reciprocal commercial vehicle registration agreements between the Gouvernement du Québec and the Canadian provinces and territories, and certain American States

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Wishing to prevent inconveniences for their respective residents as a result of duplication in the registration of motor vehicles operating in the territory under the jurisdiction of either party:
Any motor vehicle legally registered, and displaying a licence plate of one of the parties may operate in the territory of the other party for the purpose of carrying out transport:
(a) between two points located outside the territory of the other party; or
(b) between one point on the territory of one party and another point located on the territory of the other party;
without having to register the vehicle or to pay registration fees to the other party. The same privileges shall apply to all trailers or semi-trailers legally registered in any territory and hauled by these motor vehicles.
Motor vehicles registered on the territory of one party shall also be exempt on the territory of the other party from any other charge not levied on motor vehicles registered in the territory of the other party.
Motor vehicles shall be operated according to the laws and regulations in force on the territory of the parties to this agreement.
This agreement shall not affect the requirements of the parties regarding:
(a) the payment of fuel, sales and other taxes, or insurance premiums;
(b) the financial responsibility of the beneficiary or his insurance coverage;
(c) the obtaining of a permit to operate a vehicle and the payment of any related fees, where required by one of the parties to this agreement.
All agreements, oral or written, previously agreed upon or entered into by the parties, the effect of which was to grant reciprocity with respect of motor vehicles, are hereby replaced by this agreement.
This agreement shall not affect any existing or future reciprocal agreement signed between one of the parties and any third government.
This agreement shall come into force on the date agreed upon by the parties, in conformity with their internal administrative requirements, and shall be terminated upon thirty (30) days’ written notice by one party to the other.
Signed at Austin,
this 22nd day of August 1983,
Signed at Québec City,
this 25th day of November 1983,
in duplicate in the English and French languages, each text being equally authentic.
State of Texas
State Department of Highways
and public transportation
Minister of Transport
Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs
O.C. 2232-84, Sch. 13.