C-24.2, r. 0.2.1 - Ministerial Order concerning access to public roads for low-speed vehicles

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15. A low-speed vehicle must be equipped with
(1)  a triangle orange slow moving vehicle warning sign, with a dark red reflective edge, complying with Standard ANSI/ASAE S276.6 published in January 2005 by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers and placed on the left side of the vehicle’s central axis;
(2)  a sign “MAXIMUM 40 km/h” in a contrasting color with letters at least 5 cm high, which must be placed on the rear of the vehicle to indicate its maximum speed;
(3)  a proximity warning system: a warning system that emits an intermittent noise when the vehicle is in movement in the vicinity of a pedestrian or cyclist and intended to signal the vehicle’s presence provided its sound level is less than the warning system referred to in section 254 of the Highway Safety Code (chapter C-24.2);
(4)  a 13 cm × 18 cm information notice complying with Schedule A and that specifies the vehicle’s operation rules, which must be installed inside the vehicle so it is visible to its occupants;
(5)  a defrost system;
(6)  a heating system;
(7)  a 3-point seat belt;
(8)  a 17-character identification number; and
(9)  doors.
M.O. 2013-17, s. 15.