C-2, r. 4 - Internal by-law of Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec

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27. The members, employees and officers of the Fund are not liable for any damages or losses sustained by the Fund owing to their decisions, acts or omissions, unless such damages or losses result from a grievous and intentional offence.
The Fund shall indemnify and hold them harmless against all costs, charges and expenses incurred and against all losses and damages sustained by them owing to any action, lawsuit or proceeding brought against them or for any other case arising from any act done in the performance of their functions, unless such member, employee or officer is charged with a criminal act or a grievous and intentional offence, in which case the Fund reserves all rights or recourse against such member, employee or officer, and it does not undertake to assume the costs of his defence. The Fund may decide to assume the costs of the defence of a member, employee or officer for the duration of the proceedings. If the member, employee or officer of the Fund is found guilty or liable for the offences, the Fund reserves all rights or recourse against him.
BD. 2006-11; BD. 2011-12-12, s. 27.