C-2, r. 4 - Internal by-law of Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec

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13. The records of the deliberations of a meeting of the board of directors are approved at the following meeting. All records of the deliberations are signed by the chair of the meeting at which they are adopted and are countersigned by the secretary.
The records of the deliberations indicates the members who participated in the meeting, either in person or by the use of any other means provided in section 10, and it contains a summary of the deliberations of the board of directors, and, on the request of a member, the remarks that such member asks to have entered. It also mentions dissents or abstentions by members who are present or attending by the use of any means provided for in section 10 from a vote taken verbally, by a show of hands, by fax or by any other means.
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