C-2, r. 0.1 - Regulation respecting the terms and conditions of deposits, funds and portfolios of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec

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19. At the closing of the fiscal period of a specialized fund, the net result of investments is established and, after allocation to the fund of the net result of investments of the cash flow activities of the general fund, as established in accordance with the first paragraph of section 4, the balance is apportioned among the depositors of the fund in proportion to the number of units of participation held by each one.
The net result of investments of a specialized fund is made up of the net income or the net loss of investments, gains and losses on the sale of investments and unrealized gain or loss on investments and liabilities related to the investments, less operating and administrative costs allocated to the fund, following the approval for distribution of the costs by the Fund’s board of directors.
At the opening of the fiscal period that follows, the net income is paid to the depositors or the net loss is recovered. The same applies to the gains from the disposal of investments or the recovered losses from the sale of investments. The payments can be made by issuing units of participation.
O.C. 118-2012, s. 19.