C-18.1, r. 6 - Regulation respecting stamps for films

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14. A person applying for a stamp for the exhibition of a film to the public under section 76 of the Act must furnish with his application, at least 15 days prior to the date of exhibition of the film to the public:
(1)  a print of the film, in the format that will be shown, unless the film has already been classified in the same version as that for which the stamp is applied for;
(2)  where the film has been altered, a written authorization from the person empowered to give that authorization and a list of the alterations made to the film;
(3)  an attestation, where applicable, that the stamps applied for are for identical prints or for prints identical to a film already classified;
(4)  an attestation, where applicable, that prints of the film dubbed in French will be available for operators of premises where films are exhibited to the public at the same time as prints of the version of that film in a language other than French;
(5)  a contract, where applicable, stipulating that the film will be dubbed in French in Québec as well as proof that the person charged with carrying out the contract has been provided with the necessary means to do so;
(6)  an attestation, where applicable, that no version of the film dubbed in French exists;
(7)  if that person is acting on behalf of a company, partnership or a cooperative that does not hold a general distributor’s licence and is applying for a stamp for a Québec film as defined in section 11 of the Regulation respecting the fees for examination and duties payable under the Cinema Act (chapter C-18.1, r. 1), he must indicate the address of the domicile of each senior executive, director or partner and of each shareholder holding more than 10% of the company’s capital stock.
O.C. 742-92, s. 14.