C-16, r. 5.1 - Code of ethics of chiropractors

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90. Chiropractors must, as far as they are able, contribute to the development of their profession by sharing their knowledge and experience with their colleagues and students, and by their participation in continuing education requirements.
Chiropractors may solicit public participation in a research program or experience only after having obtained written approval from the board of directors of the Order. To that end, chiropractors must fill out and send to the secretary of the Order the form entitled “Application for approval of a research program” and attach to it the protocol of the research program they wish to carry out, establishing its compliance with the guidelines concerning research involving human subjects of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (2003-CA483-07-R4710). The guidelines are available on the university’s website.
O.C. 163-2013, s. 90.