C-15, r. 6 - Regulation respecting the committee on training of chemists

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2. The Committee shall be an advisory committee whose mandate is to examine, in concordance with the respective and complementary jurisdictions of the Order, the university educational institutions and the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports, matters relating to the quality of the training of chemists.
Quality of training means the adequacy of the training for the acquisition of the professional skills required for the practice of the profession of chemist.
In respect of training, the Committee shall consider
(1)  the objectives of the training programs offered by educational institutions leading to a diploma that gives access to a permit or specialist’s certificate:
(2)  the objectives of the other conditions and procedures for the issue of permits or specialist’s certificates that may be imposed by a regulation of the board of directors, such as professional training periods or professional examinations; and
(3)  the diploma or training equivalency standards, prescribed by regulation of the board of directors, that give access to a permit or specialist’s certificate.
O.C. 1026-97, s. 2.