C-12, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the procedure for the recruitment and selection of persons apt for designation to the function of arbitrator or appointment to the function of assessor with the Human Rights Tribunal

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6. A person who wishes to submit his candidacy shall forward a recent photograph, his resumé and the following information:
(1)  his name, address, home telephone number and office telephone number;
(2)  his date of birth;
(3)  if he is a member of a professional order, the year of his admission to that order, proof that he is a member thereof and the number of years of practice that he has completed, with mention of the main sectors of activity in which he has worked;
(4)  the nature of the activities that he has exercised and that he considers have enabled him to acquire relevant experience in the area of human rights and freedoms and, as the case may be, as an arbitrator or an assessor;
(5)  any penalty imposed on him by the disciplinary council of the professional order of which he is or was a member or by the Professions Tribunal, as well as the object of and the reasons for that penalty;
(6)  the names of his employers over the past 10 years;
(7)  a summary of the reasons for his interest in exercising the function of arbitrator or assessor and a description of his notable experience, expertise in, sensitivity to, and interest in matters of human rights and freedoms.
That person must also forward a written statement in which he agrees to submit to a verification by any professional order of which he is or was a member and by police authorities and, where applicable, in which he agrees that the organizations mentioned in section 16 may be consulted.
O.C. 916-90, s. 6.