C-12, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the procedure for the recruitment and selection of persons apt for designation to the function of arbitrator or appointment to the function of assessor with the Human Rights Tribunal

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4. The notice shall give:
(1)  a description of the functions of arbitrator or assessor;
(2)  in substance, the criteria for the selection of applicants, including notable experience, expertise in, sensitivity to and interest in matters of human rights and freedoms;
(3)  an indication that any person may submit his candidacy and that any person or group of persons, more particularly any group of persons or any organization devoted to the defence and promotion of human rights and freedoms or to the welfare of a group of persons, may propose a candidacy;
(4)  in substance, the system of confidentiality applicable within the framework of the selection procedure and an indication that the selection committee may carry out consultations relative to the candidacies;
(5)  the date before which a candidacy must be submitted and the address to which it must be sent.
O.C. 916-90, s. 4.