C-12, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the procedure for the recruitment and selection of persons apt for designation to the function of arbitrator or appointment to the function of assessor with the Human Rights Tribunal

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17. The selection criteria that the committee shall take into account in determining an applicant’s aptitude are, in particular:
(1)  the applicant’s personal and intellectual qualities, as well as his notable experience and expertise in, sensitivity to and interest in matters of human rights and freedoms;
(2)  the extent of the applicant’s relevant knowledge in the areas of human rights and freedoms and of arbitration in which the arbitrator or the assessor will exercise his functions, as well as the applicant’s judgment, perceptiveness, level-headedness and decision-making abilities;
(3)  the applicant’s conception of the functions of an arbitrator or an assessor.
O.C. 916-90, s. 17.