C-12, r. 2 - Regulation respecting the procedure for the recruitment and selection of persons apt for designation to the function of arbitrator or appointment to the function of assessor with the Human Rights Tribunal

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16. The committee may, on the subject of anything in an applicant’s application or any aspect of a candidacy or of the candidacies as a whole, consult in particular:
(1)  the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse;
(2)  a professional order of which a candidate is or was a member;
(3)  the Comité consultatif du travail et de la main-d’oeuvre established under section 12.1 of the Act respecting the Ministère du Travail (chapter M-32.2);
(4)  the Health and Welfare Commissioner;
(5)  (paragraph revoked);
(6)  the Conseil du statut de la femme;
(7)  (paragraph revoked);
(8)  another agency on which the law confers the function of advisor to the Government or to a minister, as well as the various groups that are devoted to the defence and promotion of human rights and freedoms and that the committee considers the most representative.
O.C. 916-90, s. 16; S.Q. 2011, c. 16, ss. 111 and 117; S.Q. 2011, c. 16, s. 89.