C-11, r. 9 - Regulation respecting the language of commerce and business

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25.2. For the purposes of sections 25.1 to 25.5,
(1)  trade mark signs or posters outside an immovable means the signs or posters related or attached to an immovable, including its roof, regardless of the materials or method of attachment used; the signs or posters include, in particular, projecting or perpendicular signs, and signs or posters on a bollard or other independent structure.
The following signs and posters are considered to be outside an immovable:
(a)  signs or posters outside premises situated in an immovable or a larger property complex. Signs or posters outside premises situated in a mall or a shopping centre, underground or not, are included;
(b)  signs or posters inside an immovable or premises, if their installation or characteristics are intended to be seen from the outside.
Trade mark signs or posters appearing on a bollard or other independent structure, including a totem type structure, near an immovable or premises are concerned only if there is no other outside sign or poster on which the trade mark appears.
In the case of a totem type structure, signs or posters on the structure are also excluded if more than 2 trade marks appear on the structure;
(2)  immovable : means a building and any structure intended to receive at least 1 person for the carrying on of activities, regardless of the materials used, excluding a temporary or seasonal facility;
(3)  premises : means a space, closed or not, devoted to an activity, in particular a stand or counter intended for the sale of products in a mall, excluding a temporary or seasonal facility.
O.C. 887-2016, s. 1.