C-11, r. 8 - Regulation respecting the language of instruction of children residing on Indian reserves

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2. The Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports shall issue to the school body an exemption for any child mentioned in section 1, subject to the following conditions:
(1)  a certificate of school attendance of the child in a school located on an Indian reserve, in a settlement in which a native community lives or on Category I and Category I-N lands within the meaning of the Act respecting the land regime in the James Bay and New Québec territories (chapter R-13.1) for the current school year or for the preceding school year shall be submitted to the Minister by the school body;
(2)  the certificate of school attendance mentioned in subparagraph 1 shall indicate that the instruction given to the child during the current school year or during the preceding school year was given primarily in English or in a native language, and the certificate shall be signed by the principal of the school attended;
(3)  the child’s birth certificate, bearing the names of his parents, shall be submitted to the Minister.
O.C. 2820-84, s. 2; O.C. 1758-93, s. 2.