C-11, r. 4 - Regulation respecting the issue of certificates of knowledge of the official language for the purpose of admission to professional orders and certain equivalents to those certificates

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9. The following are considered to be equivalent to the certificate issued by the Office québécois de la langue française under section 5:
(1)  a certificate issued by the Régie de la langue française in accordance with the Regulation respecting a working knowledge of the French language necessary to obtain a permit from a professional corporation (O.C. 2050-76, 76-06-09);
(2)  a document issued before 7 September 1977 certifying that a person possessed a working knowledge of the French language, issued in accordance with the Regulation concerning standards for evaluating the working knowledge of French of an immigrant wishing to be admitted to the study or the practice of a profession in Québec (O.C. 936-71, 71-03-10).
O.C. 1757-93, s. 9.