C-11, r. 2.1 - Regulation respecting the criteria and weighting used to consider instruction in English received in a private educational institution not accredited for the purposes of subsidies

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3. The criteria and weighting to be used in assessing whether instruction received in English constitutes the major part of the instruction received by a child are described in Schedule 1 under the 3 following divisions:
Division 1- “Schooling
This division deals with the duration of the instruction received in English that is liable to reveal a genuine commitment to pursue studies in English, given the environment in which the schooling invoked in support of the request took place.
Among other elements, the following are considered: the different types of educational institutions attended and the characteristics of their enrolments that illustrate their relationship with the Québec anglophone minority, as well as any special educational projects or programs of study the institution offers to meet the needs of certain groups of students.
Division 2- “Consistent, true commitment
This division deals with the family context and other elements of the child’s environment that may shed light on the authenticity of the commitment to an English-language education, especially in terms of the continuity and consistency of this commitment.
Division 3- “Specific situation and overall education
This division deals with related or distinct contextual elements that allow a more in-depth assessment, with respect to the child’s personal and family situation, of the authenticity of the commitment made.
This division makes it possible to complete, enrich or nuance the assessments made under the previous divisions, as needed, according to the circumstances and contexts specific to the case examined. Specifically, this division concerns elements other than those explored under the previous divisions, such as what prompted the choice of or change in educational institution, when this choice or change was made during the child’s schooling, the instruction received in a language other than English by the parents of the child concerned, the importance of continuity in the context of special programs as well as the proportion of courses received in each language of instruction.
O.C. 862-2010, s. 3.