C-11, r. 12 - Regulation specifying the scope of terms and expressions in section 144 of the Charter of the French language and facilitating the application of the Charter

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3. In section 144 of the Act, the expression “special agreements” means the agreements negotiated between the Office and a business firm for the purpose of authorizing the use of a language other than French as the working language of the head office of that business firm and including provisions respecting the following points:
(a)  the use of French within Québec for communication with clients, suppliers and the public as well as shareholders and those holding other stock or bond certificates;
(b)  the use of French in communications with the management and the personnel of establishments of the business firm in Québec;
(c)  the use of French for communication relating to contractual links between the business firm and employees of the head office;
(d)  the use of French on inside signs and posters in areas where head office personnel work;
(e)  the increase at all levels in the number of persons having a good knowledge of the French language;
(f)  the progressive use of French terminology;
(g)  the adoption of a hiring, promotion and transfer policy suited to the use of French;
(h)  the reasons for the amendment, suspension or cancelling of the agreement.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. C-11, r. 11, s. 3.