B-9, r. 1 - Tariff of fees respecting land registration

Full text
7. Notwithstanding sections 2 to 6, no fee is payable for the registration of
(1)  a change in the address or in the name of the persons referred to in article 3022 of the Civil Code or a cancellation or reduction of the registration of a notice of address;
(2)  a list of immovables that were not sold at a sale for non-payment of immovable taxes;
(3)  a document evidencing the redemption of lots adjudicated at a sale for non-payment of immovable taxes;
(4)  a notice served pursuant to article 813.4 of the Code of Civil Procedure (chapter C-25);
(5)  (paragraph implicitly revoked);
(6)  an action against the owner of the immovable following a legal hypothec in favour of persons having participated in the construction or renovation of an immovable or following a legal hypothec of a syndicate of co-owners on a fraction of a co-owner;
(7)  a list of immovables adjudicated at the sale for non-payment of immovable taxes;
(8)  a notice of a sheriff’s sale;
(9)  a release from a sheriff’s seizure;
(10)  a clerk’s certificate attesting that an action has been discontinued;
(11)  a certificate of the Attorney General stating that a hypothec in favour of the State is extinguished or reduced; and
(12)  the abandonment or revocation of a real right of State resource development that is not exempt from registration.
O.C. 1074-2001, s. 7.