B-5.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the application of the Unclaimed Property Act

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6. The register of property under provisional administration provided for in section 18 of the Act contains, for each property or each succession administered, the following information:
(1)  the file number assigned by the Minister;
(2)  the date on which the administration began;
(3)  the type of property, if applicable;
(4)  except for the case provided for in section 7 of the Act, the identity of the deceased, the owner or other known right-holder, as the case may be, and his or her last address or, if unknown, the place where the property was recovered or any indication as to the location of the immovable property;
(5)  a brief description of the property, if the owner or other right-holder is unknown;
(6)  the name and address of the debtor or holder who has delivered the property to the Minister, if applicable;
(7)  the net value of the property or succession, the Minister’s fees, including taxes payable, and the balance.
Despite the first paragraph, no information concerning the property or the succession is entered in the register if the amount of the fees, including taxes applicable, is equal to or greater than the net value of the property or succession, or if the owner or right-holder has indicated a refusal to recover the property or succession or its value.
O.C. 584-2015, s. 6.