B-3.1, r. 0.1 - Regulation respecting the welfare and safety of domestic companion animals and equines

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In force: 2024-02-10
4. When carrying on commercial activities involving animals, such as a breeding or raising operation or dog sledding activities, in a pet shop or an animal boarding establishment, or on premises where domestic companion animals are taken in for the purpose of transferring them to a new place of custody, euthanizing them or having them euthanized by a third person, the owner or custodian of an animal must comply with the following requirements, which are added to the requirements provided for in section 3:
(1)  the place of custody and the equipment must be easy to clean and disinfect;
(2)  floors and the lower portions of walls, interior enclosures and cages with which an animal may come into contact must be made of non-porous materials.
O.C. 1445-2022, s. 4.