B-3.1, r. 0.1 - Regulation respecting the welfare and safety of domestic companion animals and equines

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In force: 2024-02-10
3. In addition to what is provided for in section 5 of the Animal Welfare and Safety Act (chapter B-3.1), the place of custody and equipment used for the custody and care of animals must also
(1)  be made of durable, non-toxic, solid and stable materials;
(2)  be free of mould;
(3)  be consistent with the animal’s biological needs;
(4)  be in good condition, with no parts jutting out and no sharp edges or other potential causes of injury;
(5)  allow the animal to have access at all times to an area that is dry, clean, comfortable, sufficiently large and has a full floor, to allow the animal to lie on its side with its legs fully extended; the area must provide shelter from elements that may stress the animal or harm its health, including direct sunlight, drafts and loud noise;
(6)  where the place of custody includes an exercise yard, it must be large enough for the animal to run with ease;
(7)  prevent the animal kept therein from escaping; and
(8)  prevent the intrusion of any other animal that may harm the animal kept therein.
In addition, except in the case of a dwelling house, floors in the place of custody, the lower portions of walls with which an animal may come into contact, must
(1)  be free of holes other than those for the elimination of urine and clean-up water; and
(2)  allow liquids to drain or be absorbed quickly and entirely.
O.C. 1445-2022, s. 3.