B-3.1, r. 0.1 - Regulation respecting the welfare and safety of domestic companion animals and equines

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In force: 2024-02-10
22. The owner or custodian must have taken the necessary measures to prevent the equipment used to tie the animal to its place of custody, such as a chain or rope, from getting stuck or shortened, in particular by installing swivels.
In addition, the equipment must comply with the following requirements:
(1)  it does not cause discomfort for the animal and allows it to adopt a normal posture at all times, raise its head with ease and stand up on its hind legs;
(2)  allow the animal to move about freely and safely within the limits of its length;
(3)  where the equipment is used for a period of more than 30 minutes, it must also be at least 3 m long or be 5 times the length of the animal, whichever is shorter.
O.C. 1445-2022, s. 22.