B-1.1, r. 2 - Construction Code

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4.07. A contractor or owner-builder shall, after construction work, except maintenance, repair or demolition work on an elevator or other elevating device referred to in section 4.02, declare the work to the Board with the following information:
(1)  the components that were subject to tests and inspections provided for the elevating device when required under 8.10 of the Code or Appendix A “Inspection and Testing” of “CSA Standard CAN/CSA B355-00: Lifts for Persons with Physical Disabilities”;
(2)  the name, address and telephone number of the person for whom the work is carried out;
(3)  the name, address and telephone number of the person who prepared the plans and specifications related to the construction work;
(4)  the address of the site and nature of the work;
(5)  the type, trademark and model of the device, the name of the manufacturer and the technical features of the device; and
(6)  the date and place where the tests and inspections were conducted together with the name and title of the person by whom they were performed.
The declaration must be sent to the Board no later than on the twentieth day of the month that follows the completion of the work or the re-use of the elevator or elevating device, as the case may be. The declaration must be made on the form provided for that purpose by the Board or on any other document drawn up for that purpose.
O.C. 895-2004, s. 1.