B-1.1, r. 2 - Construction Code

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7.03. A contractor or owner-builder may not begin construction work, except maintenance, repair or demolition work on a passenger ropeway to which Chapter VII of the Construction Code applies, unless the plans and specifications have been prepared for the work.
The plans shall be drawn to scale and shall, with the specifications, indicate the nature and scope of the work to establish if the work carried out complies with section 7.02.
The plans and specifications must contain information on the following:
(1)  towers;
(2)  upper and lower stations;
(3)  sheaves and sheave assemblies;
(4)  counterweight sheaves;
(5)  deropement equipment and switches;
(6)  main drive;
(7)  rope grips;
(8)  hangers and spring boxes;
(9)  hangers and chairs, or cars, or cabins;
(10)  brakes and backstops;
(11)  tensioning systems and details;
(12)  foundations of all structures;
(13)  electric power and lightning protection;
(14)  electric controls and safety schematics;
(15)  communication systems;
(16)  hydraulic schematic systems;
(17)  haul and counterweight rope details;
(18)  structures or buildings;
(19)  evacuation equipment (seats, ropes);
(20)  service and inspection platforms;
(21)  ramps; and
(22)  elevation plan.
O.C. 895-2004, s. 2.