B-1.1, r. 2 - Construction Code

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2.06. Any appliance or equipment used in a gas installation must be approved for the use for which it is intended.
It is prohibited to sell or lease an appliance or equipment that has not been approved. It is also prohibited, except for approval purposes, to use an appliance or equipment that has not been approved in an installation intended to use gas.
However, an appliance or equipment may, during an exhibition, a presentation or a demonstration, be used without prior approval, provided that it is accompanied by a notice with the following warning in characters measuring at least 15 mm: “WARNING: this material has not been approved for sale or lease as required under Chapter II of the Construction Code (chapter B-1.1, r. 2).”.
This section does not apply to the following appliances or equipment:
(1)  a manual appliance whose heat input does not exceed 20,000 Btu/h (5.86 kW) intended for industrial applications;
(2)  a Bunsen burner;
(3)  an internal combustion engine.
O.C. 875-2003, s. 1; 991-2018O.C. 991-2018, s. 1.
2.06. A contractor or an owner-builder in gas must report to the Régie the building work the contractor or owner-builder has carried out and to which Chapter II of the Construction Code applies, except building work for an installation to distribute natural gas by pipeline and maintenance or repairs to an installation intended to use, store or distribute gas. That report must be sent to the Régie no later than the twentieth day of the month following the date of the beginning of the work.
O.C. 875-2003, s. 1.