A-32.1, r. 1 - Regulation under the Act respecting insurance

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71. If a group life insurance contract or a group sickness or accident insurance contract is terminated and replaced within 31 days by a contract providing comparable coverage for all or part of the same group, the new group insurance contract must stipulate that
(1)  a person insured under the former contract may not be excluded from the new contract or be denied benefits solely because of a pre-existing condition limitation that was not applicable or that did not exist in the former contract, or because the person is not at work on the date of coming into force of the new contract; and
(2)  every person insured under the former contract is covered pleno jure by the new contract on the termination of the former contract if the cessation of insurance is exclusively attributable to the termination and the person belongs to a class of participant covered by the new contract.
O.C. 887-2009, s. 71.