A-3.001, r. 10 - First-aid Minimum Standards Regulation

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11. The employer in an establishment having more than 100 workers and the principal contractor on a construction site having more than 100 workers must provide a room where the first-aider can administer first-aid; it must be available and easily accessible at all times during working hours, kept clean and in good order, ventilated, lighted, adequately heated and provided with water.
This room must contain in particular:
(a)  a stretcher;
(b)  one table and two chairs;
(c)  soap and a nail brush;
(d)  paper towels;
(e)  at the minimum, the content of the kit prescribed in section 4.
This section does not apply to an employer whose establishment is provided with a first-aid room equipped as required under subparagraph b of subsection 1 of section 21, nor to the principal contractor whose construction site is provided with such a room.
O.C. 1922-84, s. 11.