A-3.001, r. 10 - First-aid Minimum Standards Regulation

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(ss. 20.2 and 21.1)
(1) Application
This program applies to establishments in the “Forestry” sector where the employer must provide attendants for first-aid vehicles under the First-aid Minimum Standards Regulation (chapter A-3.001, r. 10).
(2) Goal of the program
The goal of the program is to allow every person designated as a first-aid vehicle attendant by his employer to acquire knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspects of pre-hospital care so that he may act promptly and efficiently in the first moments following an accident to help any person needing emergency care on the work site.
(3) Operating objective
The employer is deemed to have fulfilled his obligation to provide first-aid vehicle attendants if he ensures that a sufficient number of people have taken and passed the basic training required by the program and refresher courses on practice and theory as often as required.
(4) Training hours

Roles and responsibilities 1

Legal aspects 2

Medical terminology 3

Introduction to systems 4

Examination of beneficiary (worker) 8

Cardiorespiratory resuscitation 12

Respiratory system 4

Cardiovascular system 6

Nervous system (head-spinal column) 9

Eye injuries 3

Locomotor system 10

Digestive system 3

Injuries to soft tissue 5

Metabolic disorders 2

Psychological aspects 3

Rescue - freeing of trapped worker,
stretcher manoeuvres and simulations 30

Ambulance operation 12

Oxygen administration 5

Fluids and solutions 5

Safe transport of beneficiary
according to his condition 2

Communications 1

Practical training 30

Refresher course (practical: 16 hrs;
theoretical: 8 hrs) 24 hrs/year
O.C. 1798-87, s. 9.