A-29.1, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the application of the Act respecting farm-loan insurance and forestry-loan insurance

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7. Filing of documents: Where a claim is filed by the lender under section 17 of the Act, the latter must, in addition to Form AP-1 duly completed, file the following documents with the agency:
(a)  a statement showing the dates and initial amounts of the notes, acknowledgements of debt or the deed of loan held by him in respect of the loan for which the claim is filed as well as the dates and amounts of the payments in principal and interest made to the lender on the loan;
(b)  a detailed statement of any unrealized security or unenforced judgment in respect of the loan and, where applicable, of any acquisition by a taking in payment and any disposition of an immovable securing the loan; and
(c)  a statement of the receipts or cashed cheques furnished by the borrower or the lender’s debtor, annexed to the said statement, as well as a duplicate or certified copy of the deeds of loan, hypothec or assignment and all other supporting documents furnished by the borrower or debtor in respect of the loan;
(d)  a duplicate or a photocopy of every acknowledgment of receipt, cashed cheque or other voucher covered by subparagraph c that could replace such receipts, cheques or vouchers if it had been made by a representative of the agency, and the agency has confirmed the correctness of the documents examined, provided that the lender furnish the agency with a statement certifying that he has not disposed of such documents before the expiry of the prescribed time.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. A-29.1, r. 1, s. 7; O.C. 1127-88, s. 4.