A-29.011, r. 3.1 - Internal by-law No. 2 respecting the delegation of signing authority for certain documents of the Conseil de gestion de l’assurance parentale

Full text
2.2. The secretary general and the person responsible for the financial sector of the Conseil de gestion are authorized, as long as they act jointly, to sign, regardless of the amount, drafts, payment authorizations, promissory notes, bonds, bills of exchange and other instruments of the same nature, including bank transfers, and any document required or useful to give full effect to the following financial transactions intended to
(1)  ensure the payment of benefits to which a person may be entitled under the Act;
(2)  ensure the payment of the obligations arising out of the financial commitments of the Conseil de gestion, provided that those commitments were first authorized by the competent authority;
(3)  pay or repay the expenditures and other expenses or charges incurred by the members of the Conseil de gestion and its personnel, provided that they were first authorized by the competent authority.
O.C. 698-2011, s. 3.