A-29.011, r. 3.1 - Internal by-law No. 2 respecting the delegation of signing authority for certain documents of the Conseil de gestion de l’assurance parentale

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2.1. The secretary general and the person responsible for the financial sector of the Conseil de gestion are authorized, as long as they act jointly, in connection with a loan taken out by the Conseil de gestion in accordance with the Act, to conclude and sign, regardless of the amount, any borrowing transaction, including any transaction for the repayment of loan, with financial institutions or with the Minister of Finance, to determine the amounts and characteristics thereof, subject to the limits and characteristics stipulated in the loan agreement or credit line agreement, to sign any promissory note, to perform any act and to sign any document required or useful to give full effect to the borrowing transactions.
O.C. 698-2011, s. 3.