A-29.01, r. 1 - Regulation respecting benefits authorized for pharmacists

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3. For the purposes of this Regulation, the following good or service provided by a manufacturer of innovative drugs to an owner pharmacist or paid by such a manufacturer for the benefit of an owner pharmacist is an authorized benefit other than a professional allowance for the following purposes and under the following conditions:
(1)  the carrying out of training and continuing education programs and activities in Québec intended to upgrade the scientific knowledge or professional skills of pharmacists and pharmacy technical assistants. The cost of the programs or activities and their frequency must be reasonable in relation to the nature of the activities offered;
(2)  the carrying out of activities intended for the general public that take place in the pharmacy concerning the promotion or protection of health, disease prevention and the communication of information on diseases or medications, and that are based on scientific grounds. The cost of the activities, their frequency and the number of patients involved per pharmacy must be reasonable in relation to the nature of the activities offered;
(3)  the educational equipment or material used in the pharmacy and intended to improve the management of chronic diseases and services to train in the reading of devices required for that purpose, in particular devices to measure arterial pressure, glycemia or used for asthma management or anticoagulant therapy, including the relevant software but excluding the purchase or rental of computers. The goods supplied may not constitute an inventory of devices or materials intended for sale at retail;
(4)  the device to measure glycemia or the insulin pen given without consideration to a patient by the pharmacist.
O.C. 898-2007, s. 3.