A-29, r. 5 - Regulation respecting the application of the Health Insurance Act

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34.8. The following assisted procreation services required for IVF purposes are considered insured services:
(a)  services required to retrieve sperm, including the visit and sperm washing, and a single retrieval of sperm by means of a percutaneous epididymal sperm aspiration or of a surgical or microsurgical testicular sperm extraction, according to medical indication;
(b)  services required for ovarian stimulation;
(c)  services required to retrieve eggs from only one person;
(d)  standard fertilization and embryo culture services carried out in the laboratory, including assisted hatching services and sperm microinjection (ICSI) services;
(e)  services required to transfer a fresh or frozen embryo or, in accordance with the guidelines drawn up under section 10 of the Act respecting clinical and research activities relating to assisted procreation (chapter A-5.01), a maximum of 2 fresh or frozen embryos;
(f)  either one sperm straw from a single retrieval in the context of a directed donation or one sperm straw from a sperm bank; and
(g)  freezing and storage of embryos for a maximum of one year.
Those services are considered insured services for a single IVF cycle, which may however include two ovulatory cycles if no egg is obtained at the end of the first ovulatory cycle.
S.Q. 2021, c. 2, s. 32.