A-29, r. 5 - Regulation respecting the application of the Health Insurance Act

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34.5. Assisted procreation services required for artificial insemination and IVF purposes are considered insured services for an insured person who contributes to the assisted procreation project referred to in section 34.4, without being party to the project, by providing reproductive material free of charge.
O.C. 645-2010, s. 2; S.Q. 2015, c. 25, s. 20; S.Q. 2021, c. 2, s. 32.
34.5. (Replaced).
O.C. 645-2010, s. 2; S.Q. 2015, c. 25, s. 20.
34.5. The assisted procreation services listed below and rendered in a centre for assisted procreation that holds a licence issued in accordance with the Regulation respecting clinical activities related to assisted procreation (chapter A-5.01, r. 1) by a physician who practises at the centre must be considered as insured services for the purposes of subparagraph e of the first paragraph of section 3 of the Act:
(a)  in the case of egg donation by an insured person, the services required to retrieve eggs or ovarian tissue;
(b)  the services required, including cryopreservation, to transfer 1 frozen embryo or, in accordance with the decision of the physician having considered the quality of the embryos, a maximum of 2 frozen embryos, in the case of a woman 36 years of age or under, and 3 frozen embryos including no more than 2 blastocysts, in the case of a woman 37 years of age or over.
All quality frozen embryos must be transferred before the services referred to in the first paragraph of section 34.4 are insured. However, after 1 live birth obtained following an IVF referred to in that section, transfers of frozen embryos, determined according to the conditions referred to in subparagraph b of the first paragraph, are considered as only 1 modified natural cycle or natural cycle IVF insured under the first paragraph of section 34.4, even if the transfers are done during separate tests.
O.C. 645-2010, s. 2.