A-28, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the application of the Hospital Insurance Act

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15. Where a resident receives insured services in a general hospital situated outside Canada, the Minister shall, upon presentation of a detailed claim, reimburse to the resident or to the hospital centre the following amounts:
(a)  the price of the services, where necessitated by sudden illness or an emergency, up to the amount of $100 per day if there was hospitalization, including day surgery, or up to the amount of $50 per visit for out patient treatment, including associated diagnostic or therapeutic services in both cases;
(a.1)  for a hemodialysis treatment, the price of the service, up to the amount of $220 per treatment including medications;
(b)  the price of the services, where they were authorized in advance by the Minister upon request in writing signed by 2 physicians having expert knowledge in the field of the illness of the person on whose behalf the authorization is requested. The request must be accompanied by a summary of the medical record of the person and must comprise the following:
i.  a description of the specialized services;
ii.  certification that the required specialized services are available in Canada;
iii.  the name and address of the hospital centre recommended for provision of the specialized services required.
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