A-28, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the application of the Hospital Insurance Act

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15.1. Despite section 15, in the case of a resident or his spouse and his dependants:
(a)  staying outside of Canada as a student from Québec enrolled in a program at an educational institution outside of Canada;
(b)  staying outside of Canada as a full-time unremunerated trainee at a university, an establishment affiliated with a university, a research institute or an international or government organization;
(c)  who is a Québec civil servant on duty outside of Canada; or
(d)  employed by a non-profit organization with headquarters in Canada and working abroad within the framework of a program of international aid or cooperation approved by the Minister of Health and Social Services;
the Minister, upon presentation of an itemized claim form, shall reimburse that resident or the hospital centre, the cost of the services the resident received at a hospital centre outside of Canada where those services became necessary because of sudden illness or of an emergency situation.
Where the services are not services rendered following a sudden illness or an emergency situation, the Minister, upon presentation of a detailed claim form, shall reimburse the resident a maximum of 75% of the cost of the services.
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