A-28, r. 1 - Regulation respecting the application of the Hospital Insurance Act

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(s. 3)
A: Prostheses and orthopaedic appliances of the visual system:
1. Replacement pin of the eyeball.
2. Replacement material for floor of the orbit.
3. Springs for muscles involved in paralyses of the seventh nerve.
4. Rhino-conjunctival tube.
5. Organic, metallic or synthetic implants for the correction of cornea detachment.
6. Replacement oils of the vitreous.
7. Keratoprostheses.
8. Anterior chamber lenses.
9. Cemented lenses.
B: Prostheses and orthopaedic appliances of the auditory system:
1. Replacement prostheses of the ossicles.
2. Replacement prostheses of the anvil.
3. Replacement prostheses of the malleus.
4. Replacement prostheses of the stirrup bone.
5. Replacement prostheses of the eardrum.
6. Transtympanic prostheses.
7. Transmission electrodes for the inner ear with or without an incorporated receiving set.
C: Prostheses and orthopaedic appliances of the cardiovascular system:
1. Endocavitary pacemaker.
2. Extracavitary pacemaker electrodes.
3. Carotidian stimulator.
4. Cardiac and aortic valves.
5. Vascular building material.
6. Vascular replacement material.
D: Prostheses and orthopaedic appliances of the respiratory system:
1. For reconstruction:
(a) of the nose;
(b) of the larynx;
(c) of the pharynx;
(d) of the naso frontal duct;
(e) of the trachea.
2. For filling in collapse therapy.
E: Prostheses and orthopaedic appliances of the digestive system:
1. Replacement material for excretory ducts.
F: Prostheses and orthopaedic appliances of the urogenital system:
1. Replacement pin for testicle.
2. Penal-ortho-prostheses.
G: Mammary prostheses and orthopaedic appliances:
1. Of mammary reconstruction.
H: Prostheses and orthopaedic appliances of the skeletal system:
1. Glenohumeral prostheses.
2. Cephalic humeral prostheses.
3. Trochlear prostheses.
4. Humero-cubital prostheses.
5. Humero-cubito-radial prostheses.
6. Cephalic radial prostheses.
7. Cubito-radio-carpal prostheses.
8. Carpal prostheses.
9. Metacarpal prostheses.
10. Metacarpophalangeal prostheses.
11. Phalangeal prostheses.
12. Interphalangeal prostheses.
13. Acetabular prostheses.
14. Acetabulo-femoral prostheses.
15. Partial or complete distal femoral prostheses.
16. Femoro-tibio-peroneal prostheses.
17. Peroneo-astragalar tibio prostheses.
18. Astragalo-metatarsal prostheses.
19. Metatarso-tarsal prostheses.
20. Tarso-tarsal prostheses.
21. Intertarsal prostheses.
22. Anterior vertebral retention prostheses.
23. Posterior vertebral retention prostheses.
24. Mandibular prostheses.
25. Maxillary reconstruction prostheses.
26. Skull table prostheses.
27. Trepanation fasteners.
28. Replacement material for facial surface.
I: Prostheses of the nervous system:
1. Decompression valves for hydrocephalus.
2. Building tubes for encephalo rhachidian septum.
3. Building tubes for rhachidian septum.
4. Neuro-stimulator electrodes.
5. Anastomosis coatings.
J: Prostheses and orthopaedic appliances of various uses:
1. Traction or holding support nails.
2. Traction or holding support screws.
3. Traction or holding support wires.
4. Retention lattices.
5. Retention plates.
6. Holding plates.
7. Osseous cements.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. A-28, r. 1, Sch. A.