A-25, r. 7 - Regulation respecting the determination of income and employment and the payment of the indemnity in section 83.30 of the Act

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4. The gross income of a victim who, at the time of the accident, holds temporary or part-time employment which corresponds to employment that the Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec has determined for him, is calculated by taking the gross income earned by the victim from such employment, computed according to section 1 or 2, as the case may be, projected on an annual basis and readjusted using the total of the adjustment factors provided for in Schedule I.
However, if, over the last 5 years preceding the date of the accident, the victim has already earned from employment determined by the Société a gross income higher than that earned at the time of the accident, his gross income is determined according to section 5, with the necessary modifications.
O.C. 1923-89, s. 4.