A-25, r. 7 - Regulation respecting the determination of income and employment and the payment of the indemnity in section 83.30 of the Act

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(s. 5)
The indexation provided for in section 5 is computed as follows:
GIPI x indexing factor = PBI
GIPI being the real gross income earned by the victim in his highest paying employment, corresponding to the one which the Société determined for him, and projected on an annual basis;
PBI being the basic presumed income to be readjusted using the adjustment factors prescribed in Schedule 1.
The indexing factor is computed as follows:
AWE for the year of the accident
_________________________________= indexing factor
AWE for the terminating year of the determined employment
AWE being the yearly average computed on the basis of the average weekly earnings for workers in all economic activities in Québec as established by Statistics Canada for each of the 12 months preceding 1 July of the previous year, that is, either the year of the accident or the terminating year of the determined employment, as the case may be.
O.C. 1923-89, Sch. II.