A-25, r. 3.1 - Regulation respecting insurance contributions

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18. The holder of a driver’s licence who has not paid the annual insurance contribution provided for in section 11 by the payment due date, and has not requested that the licence be cancelled or informed the Société of the holder’s intention not to renew the licence on that date, but whose licence was cancelled or revoked during the 12 months for which the annual insurance contribution was to be paid, must pay the annual insurance contribution when the licence is cancelled or when a new licence is issued during that period, for the part of that period preceding the licence cancellation or revocation.
If the annual insurance contribution has not been paid by the due dates, with respect to two 12-month periods and longer, only the 12-month period during which the licence was cancelled or revoked is considered and only the insurance contribution for the part of that period preceding the cancellation or revocation is payable.
Decision 2012-01-05, s. 18.