A-23, r. 3 - Code of ethics of land surveyors

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5.01.04. A land surveyor who advertises lump-sum fees shall:
(1)  establish fixed prices;
(2)  specify the nature and extent of services included in the fee;
(3)  indicate whether or not disbursements are included in the fee;
(4)  indicate whether additional services might be required which are not included in the fee.
The information shall be such as to reasonably inform persons who have no particular knowledge of land surveying.
Any lump-sum fee shall remain in effect for a minimum period of 90 days after it was last broadcast or published.
A land surveyor who carries on professional activities within a partnership or joint-stock company in which persons other than land surveyors also practise must, in any advertising, describe separately the professional services of the land surveyor included in a lump sum fee.
O.C. 1415-92, s. 2; O.C. 356-2008, s. 15.