A-23, r. 3 - Code of ethics of land surveyors

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4.01.01. In addition to those referred to in sections 57, 58, 59.1, 59.2 and those that may be determined under the second paragraph of section 152 of the Professional Code (chapter C-26), the following acts are derogatory to the dignity of the profession:
(a)  assisting or advising any person attempting to infringe the Professional Code, the Land Surveyors Act (chapter A-23) or a regulation of the Order:
(b)  co-operating with a person who is suspended or struck off the roll by allowing him to practise the profession or to make use of his name to do so;
(c)  depositing other than in his records or in the joint records any documents which constitute the records;
(d)  being represented in the performance of his duties of land surveyor by a person who is not a land surveyor;
(e)  failing to notify the syndic when he has reason to believe that a land surveyor is incompetent or not acting in conformity with professional ethics;
(f)  failing to notify the Order of any objection to a candidate’s admission to the practice of the profession;
(g)  allowing an employee who is not a land surveyor to solicit clients desirous of having work done in a field which falls exclusively within the competence of land surveyors or accepting a mandate in such a field himself;
(h)  obtaining clients through a remunerated intermediary who is not a land surveyor or agreeing to do so with such intermediary with whom he is not authorized to practise within a partnership or joint-stock company;
(i)  instituting legal proceedings against a colleague in a matter connected with the practice of the profession without having made a reasonable effort to seek conciliation by the president, the vice-president or a person designated by the president;
(j)  failing to reimburse any amount paid in advance by a client which is in excess of the value of the work done in the event the land surveyor ceases to act for a client before termination of his mandate;
(k)  communicating with the plaintiff without the prior written permission of the syndic or his assistant when a land surveyor is informed that an inquiry into his professional conduct or competence is to be made or when a complaint has been served against him;
(l)  submitting a statement of fees to a client for interviews, communications or correspondence with the syndic, a member of the professional inspection committee or an investigator, when the latter ask him for explanations or information regarding work he has performed for a client;
(m)  pressing or repeated inducement to have recourse to his professional services;
(n)  performing a professional act which affects the rights of a person without an ad hoc mandate;
(o)  voluntarily entering false information in a report or in the minutes;
(p)  carrying on professional activities within a partnership or joint-stock company with other persons while knowing that one or more of the conditions, terms or restrictions under which he is authorized to so carry on professional activities are not satisfied or complied with.
R.R.Q., 1981, c. A-23, r. 4, s. 4.01.01; O.C. 1398-2001, s. 2; O.C. 356-2008, s. 13.