A-23, r. 2 - Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec Liability Insurance Regulation

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8. The purpose of the professional liability insurance committee is:
(1)  to represent the board of directors and members of the Order in dealings with the insurer and the broker concerning all group insurance plan matters, especially negotiations, changes, implementation and control;
(2)  to put together a file and gather data on each claim;
(3)  to see that the insurer abides by all terms of the insurance contract and that this Regulation is applied in its entirety by both the insurer and insured;
(4)  to make any general recommendation to the board of directors about compliance with this Regulation and any Order regulation where it affects this Regulation;
(5)  to suggest means of preventing and reducing accidents for the better protection of the public.
O.C. 255-84, s. 8.