A-23, r. 2 - Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec Liability Insurance Regulation

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1. In this Regulation, unless the context indicates otherwise:
“insurer” means the one who issues or proposes to issue an insurance contract, collects premiums under such a contract and undertakes to pay insurance benefits;
“associate member” means any land surveyor who, while not engaged in professional practice, is enrolled in the Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres du Québec (Order);
“retired” means any person who has stopped practising the profession of land surveyor and is no longer on the roll of the Order; and
“claim” means one or more claims resulting from the same event or set of circumstances at the time professional advice or services were rendered or should have been rendered to one or more persons.
O.C. 255-84, s. 1.